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Sydney Blackout Affects 45,000 In Eastern Suburbs

sydney blackout

Over 45,000 customer in Sydney’s eastern suburbs were hit with a blackout on Thursday morning. Homes, businesses and council services were all inconvenienced throughout suburbs including Randwick, Coogee, Bondi and Double Bay.

What Did the Sydney Blackout Affect?

Coogee Public School had a complete blackout. 23 traffic lights stopped working in at least 7 suburbs. Businesses including major supermarkets in Bondi Junction were forced to close for an hour, and Waverly Council were left without phones.

Homes and businesses both felt the disruption to services, despite only lasting an hour. Similarly, the blackout also affected the Sydney Children’s Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital. Fortunately however, backup generators ensured all hospital services kept running.

An hour may not seem like much, but for shops missing out on business it hits hard. Councils also had to send traffic signal crews out with generators to manage the problem as best they could. When a blackout strikes, the costs are significant.

What Caused the Sydney Blackout?

An underground cable fault in Double Bay caused the problem, according to Ausgrid. Leading up to the event, there were fears the recent heatwave would put energy services at risk. In this case however, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) assured customers there was plenty of energy in the system.

This outage comes after two power stations in NSW broke down on Wednesday. One of those was the Liddell Power Station, which AGL have announced they will be closing due to reliability concerns. AGL have committed to re-purposing the coal-generated station for clean energy production.

Are You Getting a Top Deal?

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