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South Australia Energy Gets Battery Boost

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The South Australia energy market has received a big boost with the opening of a new $30 million battery on the Yorke Peninsula. Through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), the Government has provided $12 million in funding to bring the ElectraNet battery project to life.

The 30 megawatt, first of its kind indoor battery in Dalrymple connects directly to the power grid. It will serve a similar purpose to the larger Tesla battery, despite being about a third of its size.

How Does the Battery Help South Australia Energy Customers?

The ElectraNet battery has the capability to provide back-up power to around 4,500 South Australia energy customers. The battery acts quickly in the event of a blackout because it’s connected directly to the energy grid.

The lithium-ion battery isn’t just designed to provide practical relief to a region with some of the highest energy interruption rates in Australia. It also has an eye on the renewable energy focus of the future. The battery will source power from AGL’s Wattle Point Wind Farm as well as rooftop solar sources.

Will South Australia Energy Prices Go Down?

While there is no immediate impact on South Australia energy prices, savings can be expected in future. In peak periods of energy use and during blackouts, there’s a considerable strain on South Australia’s energy infrastructure. Ultimately, the customer bears the brunt of these costs in inflated prices.

The Yorke Peninsula battery can provide power to 4,500 customers for around 2-3 hours in an interruption. As a result this takes pressure off the power grid and will result in more affordable and reliable power.

Eventually, initiatives like the ElectraNet battery will provide South Australia energy customers with more power security. However, energy prices in South Australia are still high. If you’ve never checked out your provider options, why not let Billy Sumo find you a better deal and save you money?

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