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Voters Confused by Federal Election Energy Policies

federal election energy policies

When it comes to energy policies, people couldn’t be more confused with the Federal election a couple of weeks away. According to recent polling from the Australia Institute, people aren’t clear on each party’s energy policies offering. Furthermore, Australians don’t know which party will deliver cheaper gas and electric prices. On the issue of reliable supply and emissions reduction, it seems no clearer.

What Did the Polling Show?

The Australia Institute’s polling surveyed people across three different categories. They asked which party was best placed to deliver outcomes in the following areas:

  • Energy reliability
  • Lowest electricity pricing
  • Reducing emissions

In terms of reliability, 30% chose the Coalition, while 33% opted for Labor, and 37% weren’t sure.

The figures were quite similar on the subject of energy pricing, the Coalition secured 29% with Labor ahead on 34%. Again, 37% didn’t know.

The biggest gap seen was on the topic of reducing emissions. The Coalition struggled in this area, only convincing 22% of voters. Labor surged ahead with 40% and 38% couldn’t decide.

What Does it Mean for Federal Election Energy Policies?

Firstly, it means neither party has been clear enough about their energy policies leading up to the federal election. With climate change such a huge issue for many Australians, it’s remarkable to think neither party has gotten through to voters.

Overall, we can see that a third of all Australians don’t know which major party has the best Federal election energy policies. This is a big number so close to the Federal election, and an issue we may hear more about in the coming week.

Paying Too Much For Energy?

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