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Energy Australia Email Scam – What You Need To Know

Energy Australia Email Scam

Australian energy customers are being warned about another email scam doing the rounds. This time, they’re arriving in the form of a fake Energy Australia bill, but the links inside the email are malicious. Here’s what you need to know about the Energy Australia email scam.

What Do We Know About The Energy Australia Email Scam?

The recent emails look like they’re from Energy Australia, sending details of your bill via email. Once opened, the recipient is invited to click on links to view their bill.

We do know that Energy Australia aren’t involved in any way. They’ve posted some advice to their Facebook page advising they’ve reported the hoax to the authorities. They’re also asking customers to report any fraudulent emails to

It’s currently unclear who is behind the hoax, however it seems to be affecting customers who aren’t even Energy Australia Customers.

How to Avoid the Energy Australia Email Scam

Here’s what to look for and how to avoid falling victim to this latest email scam.

  • Check email addresses. Scam emails may look like they’re from a reputable provider like Energy Australia, but if you check the actual email address, it likely won’t be an official company email.
  • Read emails thoroughly. In particular, this scam doesn’t include your name or account number. This is a dead giveaway that something isn’t right.
  • Understand your account. If you’ve never received email bills before, be suspicious about all of a sudden receiving one.
  • Know your bill. Understand how your Energy Australia bill works and what it looks like.
  • Don’t click. When in doubt, don’t click on any links in an email unless you’re sure it’s legitimate.
  • Report suspicious emails. If you receive the Energy Australia email scam or any other, report them to the ACCC here.

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