Last updated on 15th, May 2021

5 reasons to switch energy provider today

Saving money on energy bills has never been more comfortable

It's no news that switching energy provider can save a lot of money. These days Aussies have mountain of reasons to chase after the perfect energy plan, especially when all information accessible on the web and energy companies making efforts to provide consumers with offers that will beat their competitors. Keep reading this guide, and find out the top 5 reasons why you should be switching your energy provider and get the maximum out of your next energy plan. 1. These expenses are still in our control In contrary to households expenses such as rent, health insurance, groceries and fuel that continue to rise every year and leave us Australians struggling with monthly budget management, energy prices are still in our hands and we can actually save hundreds of dollars each month by investing 10-20 minutes to quickly compare & switch. Also, to make it easier for the consumer, we can now choose whether to do it over the phone or online. 2. More competition, lower prices When you switch your energy supplier, you essentially do what every wise consumer should do – encourage a competition and force energy providers to do everything they can to reduce prices and offer you the best prices available. Through our panel of energy providers, you’ll be able to compare between a variety of companies such as Red Energy, AGL, Alinta Energy, Sumo, Energy Australia and more. The rule is simple – the cheaper the better – switch now to the provider which offers the best plan for you.

Choose the way that is more convenient to you

3. Not as much of a hassle as you might think Research found that 20% of people thought there would be too much work involved in switching energy suppliers and it wasn’t worth the bother. However, the reality today is that everyone can switch energy provider within a couple of minutes and in a way that is the most comfortable for them – by getting a call from a representative or independently switch energy provider online. 4. Stay updated with most relevant & personalised plans Chances are that the price you paid previously was the best price at that time. However, since those days more and more companies have joined the energy market and each one of them offers their own competitive advantage. In addition, energy plans today are much more personalised compared to the past so probably what you have been offered a few years ago, might not be relevant to your needs anymore. In order to ensure that you get the offer that is best for your needs, you will be asked for basic details such as name, postcode and current provider and then we search in our system the offers that are cheaper & relevant specifically for you.

Choose the way that is more convenient to you

5. It doesn't cost you a thing Yes, it’s completely free. Billy Sumo’s Energy Comparison tool was designed to serve energy and gas consumers all over Australia. There are no additional costs or small print. We’re simply here to find you the best energy plan from our panel of leading energy retailers.

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