Thanks for taking the first steps in saving
on your energy bills with Billy Sumo.

What happens next…?

You will now receive a phone call from our partners at Sumo Energy to discuss your individuals needs to recommend the best deal for your individual needs.
Our aim is to call you within a few minutes from our savings headquarter in Melbourne so keep an eye on your phone. We’ll be calling from a mobile number unknown to you.

If you only have a couple of minutes and simply cannot wait for our call – pick up the phone, or click on this number (if you are on mobile) to skip to the front of the queue.

1300 391 478

What do I need for the call?

If you have your latest bill with you, great!! This will really help.

If NOT, no worries at all, we can still assist you finding the best deal. We’ll compare using your usage for each tariff provided. If you don’t have that information, we’ll use peak usage tariffs. The accuracy of our comparison is assisted by the amount of information provided and the accuracy of that information. Please feel free to discuss this with our trained team, they are happy to work through your current bills with you, to get the most accurate comparison possible!