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Congratulations, you are a true Savings Superstar!

So What Happens Next?

Our 4 partners will each call you to help save you money immediately on your Energy, Home Loan, Health and finally Life Insurance.

4 calls, that seems like a lot?

4 calls might seems like a bit of time, however think about the end outcome, which is the additional money you will be able to use for you and your family.

Well, we have calculated that based on the marginal tax rate, the average Australian would need to earn $5,343 in order for this amount of cash to land in their bank account. That’s the equivalent of over 3 full weeks of work based on the average Australian salary (the average salary in Australia is $85,436 in Australia, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics).

So have your phone at hand, and make it your priority today to speak to all 4 of our partners. Next step put more money in your household today!

So, who are the Billy Sumo superstar savings dream team?

We have teamed up with 4 of the leading experts in Australia for Home Loans, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Energy with the objective to maximise the amount of money that can be put back into your back pocket!**

Winner of ‘The Adviser’s Top Brokerage’ award, seven years in a row (2013-2019), Aussie is a leading mortgage broker with over 25 years of experience in the Australian market.

With over 1000 experienced and passionate brokers across Australia, Aussie can help you find a loan that suits your needs.

Compare & Connect is the fastest growing Energy Comparison service in Australia. Headquarterd in Melbourne, Compare & Connect have helped 80,000 Australian’s save on their Energy in the last 12 months alone! Their service compares some of the biggest Electricity and Gas providers and do NOT have preferred partner agreements, instead working for you, and for you alone. This whole process is simple and takes one phone call. The comparison is facilitated using your usage for each tariff provided. If you don’t have that information, they use peak usage tariffs, however if you have your latest energy bill hand, make sure you have this on hand for the call.

Spotter Finance is a leading Life Insurance price comparison service with a focus on saving consumers time and money by providing rate comparisons which are tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. Spotter Finance source their data from a panel of financial institutions and insurers. And better yet, they don’t charge customers anything for their service, it is 100% free!

Members Own Health Funds is a group of 16 like-minded not-for-profit and mutual health funds.

Australia’s health insurance is dominated by a listed company and an overseas-based multinational. Billy Sumo has partners with Members Own as Australians need to know there are still Australian health funds that are run to benefit their members. We believe passionately that health insurance is about protecting the health of members, not making profits for others.

Whilst other people have holes in their financial buckets, you are a cut above the rest and have decided to reduce your household costs to put more money in your household’s back pocket.

Imagine what you could do with an extra $4,060* per month. Treat you and your family on an overseas holiday, pay-off your credit card, reduce your mortgage, or put towards investments in property or shares. The choice is now finally up to you, because you haven earned it!