Finding The Best Broadband Deal 2020 Can Be Tricky. Billy Will Show You How.
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How to Find The Best Broadband Deal 2020

Are You Paying Too Much For Broadband in 2020?

Since the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) in Australia, internet speeds are faster and data limits are higher. But not all deals are created equal. While the NBN is a government initiative, they aren’t the ones selling broadband plans. That lies with a huge range of internet service providers. If the NBN hasn’t hit your area yet, internet service providers still offer plenty of plans for regular broadband too. There’s never a bad time to find out how to get the best broadband deal 2020.

Compare the Best Broadband Deal and Save

If you’re not moving house and connecting a new broadband plan, it sometimes feels like too much hassle to hunt around the myriad of internet service providers and look for better value. With Billy Sumo, that’s no longer a problem. All you need to do is head on over to our broadband comparison page and let Billy show you how to get the best broadband deal 2020.

The broadband service industry is evolving rapidly, which means there’s always new providers entering the market. It also means new, better deal. Keep in mind that a lot may have changed since you first signed up for an internet service. So if you’re not searching for the best deal you could be missing out on lower prices, better plan inclusions, or both.

How Much Data Do You Need?

When comparing broadband plans, one major consideration is the amount of data you’re allowed, and the charges for using more. This is important because it can cost you money to be on a plan that doesn’t suit your needs.

Many plans these days, particularly with the NBN, offer unlimited data which is great for internet users. This covers you for whatever you want to use, and you don’t pay a cent extra. Lower level plans and traditional ADSL broadband plans allocate you a limited amount of data. This may suit people who don’t use the internet much, but how extra data is handled can be an issue.

Some plans will ‘shape’ your internet speed if you go over your included data, meaning the speed just slows down until the end of your billing period. Others may present you with an option to purchase additional data packs, but some will simply charge you at an inflated price for extra data. It always pays to check the fine print when it comes to data.


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Contracts and Bonuses

Switching providers can often mean signing up to a 12 or 24-month contract. There are plenty of providers out there offering no lock-in contracts though. Others may ask you to commit to a contract, but in return will provide free installation and modem.

Choose the option that suits you best, as the plan information will show the details clearly. Be aware that if you sign a contract and need to terminate it early, there may be an exit fee involved.

How Do You Use Phone and Internet?

Knowing your own usage is a key factor in deciding which broadband plan will give you the best value. For example, if you use your broadband for streaming a lot of TV shows and movies on Netflix or Stan, you may want to go for a plan with unlimited data. Some plans will actually allow you to use certain streaming services without it counting towards your monthly quota, so you may find you can choose a lower data plan if this is your main use.

While landline phones are becoming less common these days, you’re still paying for phone line rental. So if you do use a landline phone, check what sort of included calls you get in your plan each month – particular if you call interstate or overseas regularly.

If you think you’re paying too much for your broadband, there’s help at hand! Billy Sumo loves saving money for everyday Australians, so check out our broadband comparison page, to find the best broadband deal. You can even call us on 1300 391 478 and we can show you exactly how to get the best broadband deal 2020 for your household and save some money in the process.