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Don't ask your boss for more money, ask Billy Sumo!

Billy Sumo helps Aussie’s find extra cash to put in their back pocket!

How does he do this? You fill out one form, and he finds you the available deals to help and potentially reduce costs on your household bills.

All of the hard work is done for you. And even better, it will take you a few minutes to complete the form. Your personalised location and industry expert will then call you to present your personalised savings strategy.

No lock in commitments! If you don’t like how much money we could save you, you are then free to keep working with your current provider.

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Join other savvy Australians
Join other savvy Australians
We've helped over 60,000 Australian's save on their household bills. Join other savvy savers club with Billy Sumo.
Save on your household bills
Save on your household bills
Our partner call centers are open six days a week and are staffed by experts who are ready to help you. Our customers could save when comparing all of our services across Insurances, Energy and Home Loans.
No cost, No obligation
No cost, No obligation
Our comparison service is 100% free to use. We compare some of the biggest providers and we work for you! How much could you save?

What others say about comparing energy with Billy Sumo

I found Billy Sumo super easy to use and honest. I didn’t end up making any switches this time as the lady I spoke to said that I was on a good plan and to stay on the same plan for now. I have made a note to myself to have this service handy when I next move. It’s nice to feel like someone has the little guys back for a change and give good honest advice.

- Nick (Docklands, VIC 3008)

I recently used the services of Billy Sumo to assess my utility bills and could not be happier with the service that was provided and the savings that I have been able to make. It really was easy and has made a significant difference to our monthly outgoings. I was very surprised to see how much money I could actually save on my monthly bills. I just didn’t think that there could be so much variance, in what we pay, from company to company. I highly recommend Billy Sumo.

- Phil (NSW 2630)

I would like to thank Billy Sumo. Last month I investigated the possibility of changing my electricity provider with them and for my trouble I was entered into their monthly draw, I won! Cheers for the $500, today will be an excellent daddy daughter day filled with movies and fun.

- Jayk, NSW
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