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Be Aware - Certain Items May Not Be Covered in Your Policy for Dental

You probably know your policy limit. But do you know for certain that your insurance covers all of your dental needs?

Many insurance holders assume that their policy covers all of their dental needs. And then they get a nasty surprise when they discover their insurance doesn’t cover certain item numbers.

For instance: the item number for a general dental check is 003. If you see this number, it means your insurance covers it and you can get the payout. But – and this is important – the payout can vary greatly between health funds. Which sometimes means your family may not be covered as well as you think.

What to do: Whatever you do, make sure that you’re 100% clear on your cover. Again, check the fine print. And if you’re not happy, compare your providers to others.

A recent study found more than 300,000 Aussies wear braces, many of them kids. And the numbers are on a steep rise. According to a former president of the Australian Dental Association, only 5% of orthodontics patients wore braces 10 years ago.

But that has risen to at least 20% today – a whopping 400% increase!

And braces are not cheap. A set of braces can set you back between $8,000-$10,000 for the duration of the treatment.

What to do: Again, check your policy and see if braces are covered. Not only that, compare your policy against others. Get help from an expert who can take you by the hand.

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