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Get the Best Private Health Insurance with New Policy Tiers

best private health insurance

Recent health insurance reforms have made it easier than ever to understand and get the best private health insurance. In order to remove confusion, new policy tiers have been introduced. Customers can now clearly see what they’re paying for, and what benefits they receive. Check out this handy guide, so you’ll always know what your money is buying and to get the best private health insurance.

What Has Changed?

From 1 April, 2019, there’s now 4 simple tiers of hospital cover, so all customers get the same benefits. The 4 levels are Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold. If you buy a basic policy, the minimum benefits will be the same no matter which insurer you choose. Private health insurers can offer additional benefits in each category, but the minimum benefits are always there.

So now, you can be well informed and get the best private health insurance possible.

Basic Cover

Only basic treatments are included, but you still get to choose your own medical professionals. You can also skip those public hospital waiting lists and be treated in the private hospital of your choice!

Bronze Cover

Additional treatments include muscle and joints, ear, nose and throat treatments, cancer treatment, kidney and bladder surgeries, bones and gynaecology to name a few.

Silver Cover

You get everything from the Basic and Bronze categories, but there’s some added bonuses. Silver covers you for dental surgery, back/neck/spine, heart conditions, blood diseases, lungs and chest.

Gold Cover

This is the top of the range. Gold covers almost everything, including assisted reproductive services, major eye surgery, joint replacements, dialysis and much more.

Compare Deals and Find the Best Private Health Insurance

Finally, the new reforms give you a great chance to shop around. To find the best private health insurance, just ask Billy Sumo for some help! Billy compares health insurance policies to give you the best deal. Compare today and save!

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