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Why You Should Reduce Your Health Insurance Costs Now

It’s no secret that prices across all goods and services have increased substantially during the last few years. Households expenses such as rent, insurances, energy and fuel have left Aussie families struggling to keep their head above the water especially now in these COVID times when unemployment rates are soaring.

Health Insurance costs are top of the pile in terms of fastest-rising expenses – 66% increase in the last 10 years!*

But not all policies rise and fall equally. Every year some funds increase by up to 6% while other might increase by as little as 2%, or even not increase at all. The truth is, funds are relying on your loyalty NOT to switch in order to beef up profits for their shareholders.

We hear it time and time again from Aussie’s that use our service “Why did I stay with them”…”why didn’t I call you earlier”. It takes two minutes to challenge your current policy and see if you find a better deal on health cover.

How to do it – It’s simple:

  • Step 1: Select the cover TYPE below
  • Step 2: Once you answer a couple of basic questions, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes from our panel health providers. 100% free service

Billy Sumo is a trusted service with years of experience in the Health Insurance industry. Since the significant increase in Health Insurance prices started, more than 120,000 Aussie’s have tried Billy Sumo’s service and this trend continues to increase every single day. As overall household expenses continue to rise, we can expect more and more people to use this tool and save money where they can.