The 2 Things Aussies Below 35 Years Of Age Pay for with Health Insurance (That They’ll Probably Never Claim)

Insurance companies don’t openly admit it. But you’re almost definitely paying for coverage - such as kidney dialysis (yes, really!) - you’ll probably never need.
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Insurance companies don’t openly admit it. But you’re almost definitely paying for coverage - such as kidney dialysis (yes, really!) - you’ll probably never need.

Young Aussies are at a fantastic stage of their lives. They’re healthy. They’re young. They’ve often got a long future to look forward to. But they have expenses just like everyone else. And one of those expenses is health insurance.

We all know health insurance is important to have. But we also know it’s just as important to only pay for things you’re likely to use…

… and then scrap the rest!

But don’t expect your insurance provider to come out and help you. No, no, no! You have to dig into things yourself. And when you do – if you’re like most young Aussies – you’ll be surprised you’re paying for things you probably don’t need.

In fact, there are two areas of your policy that you’re likely paying for that’ll shock you.

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1. Cardiac Treatment

Heart disease is the world’s leading cause of death. Which is why most people want cardiac treatment coverage in their policy.

But here’s the thing…

While it’s true that sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, the average age of victims is 60.

Source: MelroseWakefield Healthcare

So if you’re young – and unless you have a family history of heart disease – it begs the question…

Do you really need it?

For most people, the answer is no. And insurance companies know this. But guess what? They’re probably still charging you. Why? Because it’s easy profit for them.

What to do: Do your homework and check your policy. And while you’re at, compare your policy against others and see if you can make a saving. Get help from an expert who can lead you by the hand.

2. Kidney Dialysis

This is another one that health insurance companies love to sneak into policies. And, again, don’t expect them to tell you they’re doing so – it’s an easy way for your provider to make money.

But here’s the reality…

It’s pretty rare that someone under 35 needs kidney dialysis. For example, there were approximately 3,100 cases of end-stage kidney disease in 2018. This comes out to an incidence rate of 11 per 100,000.

Studies show you’re almost twice as likely to die from a car accident! But you hop into a car almost every day without any fear.

There’s more though. That incidence rate of 11 per 100,00 is just the average and it rises steeply with age. In 2018, your chances were up to 8 times lower than people who are 65 years and older.

Source: The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Conclusion: Because you’re young, you have a very, VERY low chance of needing dialysis. And unless you have a family history of kidney problems, then you probably don’t need to be paying for it.

What to do: Again, check your policy and compare it against others. If you’re paying for kidney dialysis, then consider not paying for it.

Bonus Tip: Claim Everything You Can!

Do you have an extras policy? Are you getting the most out of it? If you’re like most people, the answer is no! That means you might be missing out on FREE (or highly discounted) things like:

● massages
● gym memberships
● Prescription sunglasses
● And more.

Potentially thousands of dollars in benefits each year! But again, don’t expect your provider to tell you. It’s up to you to see what you can claim. And when you make a claim that’s denied, question it!

The Medibank scandal is a great example. The provider recently received a $5 million fine for misrepresenting its coverage information. They fraudulently rejected at least 1,396 enquiries or claims for people that were covered!

This is why it’s so important for you to review your benefits.

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