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It’s no secret that prices across all goods and services have increased substantially during the last few years. Households expenses such as rent, health insurance and fuel have left Australian families struggling to keep their head above the water. In addition to these, energy and gas costs are top of the pile in terms of fastest-rising expenses

The good news is that electricity and gas costs can still be within our control. A revolutionary service, developed by Billy Sumo, is aiming to bring the power back to the end consumer. They’ve developed a smart comparison tool that helps you come to an informed and savvy decision based on their data & experience. As a result, within less than 10 clicks, you are instantly offered the best options for you and your family.

This service, arriving to Australia is perfect timing, and therefore it’s no surprise that many Aussies have already adopted it and reported overwhelmingly that they are satisfied with with their new energy plan.

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  • Step 2: Once you answered a couple of basic questions, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes from multiple health providers.

“There were 2 sides to this problem” says Billy Sumo’s founder, Lee Bush. “The first was the massive price increase of most of the energy providers (but not all of them). The other was lazy consumers. Even when they can save a lot of money, people may be too lazy to themselves put the research in to find a cheaper alternative. This is where we entered the picture – Our system compares all relevant providers in your area and instantly suggests only the ones who still offer the most affordable prices. Quick & Simple”

The comparison process is based on personalisation, data and immediate results. You will be asked for basic details such as name, postcode and then we search in our system the offers that are cheaper & relevant specifically for you and display them on our comparison page.

Since the significant increase in energy and gas prices started, more than 120,000 Aussies have tried Billy Sumo’s service and this trend continues to increase every single month. As overall household expenses continue to rise, we can expect more and more people to use this tool and save money where they can. Billy Sumo is a trusted service with years of experience in the energy and gas industry. We have developed an easy to use comparison tool which was designed to serve energy and gas consumers all over Australia while helping them reduce their household expenses and as a result, improve their quality of life.

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  • Step 2: Once you answered a couple of basic question, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes online from multiple energy providers.