Meet Billy Sumo

The Billy Sumo story is an interesting journey and some which some of you may relate. Billy Sumo moved to Australia permanently in 2001 after a gap year spent backpacking around Australia. Billy absolutely fell in love with the Australian culture, it’s beauty and most importantly it’s people!!

Born Yunomi Hozon Suru, he was born in the Tokyo town of Ryogoku which is often nick named “Sumo Town”. As much as Collingwood loves its AFL, Ryogoku-an’s just LOVE their Sumo wrestling, especially Billy’s mum Fuji.

Growing up, Billy was strongly encouraged to not only compete, but dominate the Sumo Tournaments by his Mum, Fuji. Fuji was passionate about Sumo Wrestling besides from the fact that the sport was restricted to males only so she lived her life vicariously through Billy, forcing him to be the Sumo that she never could be. Billy’s father Reo, was a 5th generation hard working accountant. With their family name “Hozon Suru” literally meaning “To Save”, he was destined to be in finance. Billy had a deep respect for his father and despite his mum’s desire for him to be a professional sumo wrestler, Billy always knew he would follow in his father’s footsteps and work with numbers and to help people save their hard earned coin.

How did Billy Sumo end up in Australia?

Here’s where the Billy Sumo story gets interesting. In the year 2000, when Billy turned 18, the pressure to become a professional sumo wrestler became all too much for him, so he packed his bag, boarded a plane (with extra large seats) and headed off to Australia for his ‘gap’ year, experience the lifestyles of the much loved and far away land of Australia!

Of course when Yunomi arrived in Airlie Beach, QLD to hit the great barrier reef as a starting point, people kept asking him his name, to which he politely replied “Yunomi”. This obviously caused a bit of confusion with the locals…“No Mate, I don’t know you, that’s why I asked your name“. It was soon decided, with Yunomi’s newly found mates from Queensland that he shall be known as Billy Sumo.

Billy fell in love with the ways of Australia and decided to stay. By stroke of fate, he now follows in his father footsteps combined with his love for the Australian people, he has embarked on a mission “TO SAVE” the average Aussie on all household bills. Billy Sumo – Australia’s Favourite Bill Squashing Sumo!
Reo and Fuji couldn’t be more proud of their son, a noble cause for a noble family. They continue to visit Billy each year here in Australia and have even contemplated retirement here to be closer to Billy. Whilst Fuji is a little disappointed in the lack of Sumo wrestling action, she has taken a liking to lawn bowls where she enjoys an Asahi after each game.

What others say about comparing energy with Billy Sumo

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